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Is a little thing we understand completely. For me, onomatopoeia is a conversation; we connect nature’s sound with ours, and using it only when talking with someone else. I always wonder, how the very first time it’s being used and noticed as one of nature’s language.

Like when we describes cats meowing and dogs barking in English and in my country a cat is simply meong and dog guk, moreoften, we called them as guguk and meong.

It’s not only how onomatopoeia is being used, it’s how different our humanization to nature’s sound. Based on the language I know, Indonesian and English, the sounds are captured on each language’s acceptance. And we have so many languages, and it’s amazing how a bark, guk, woof, haff, and vov taken as when dogs are talking. In every part of the world, the way healthy dogs bark and huff are in the same way, but they can be understood in different languages.

I don’t know where this is going, and I just mesmerized by the function of it. I’m thinking that beside body language, onomatopoeia is the wider and universal conversation that sounds the same, but everyone agrees and understands.

it’s amazing how dogs can talk to every one in the world without changing its dialect.

I’m receiving it as when I walk down the street, listening to sound my feet made, the wind kissing a tree’s head or just simply the sound of my own heartbeat. Onomatopoeia is the nature’s conversation that we understand in our own language, and each of it creates meaning for us.