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Crooked Cotton Ball Sky’s Frontier

I have tried so hard to write based on the schedule I have. But time sure is a decent enemy, we have trouble syncing our movements, or… maybe he’s ignoring me.

I believe that I never personified time. Bizarre. I amazed just how people have different approaches on something. Different ideas, and idealism. It also amuses me by how my brain still not cooky enough to produce things like that.

Hence, I adore the work of Alice Through The Looking Glass. From my commoner eyes, I’m aware that searching ideas to follow the first brilliant idea is not an easy task. Let alone the first story of Alice in the wonderland is made of cotton ball and thunder bolt, it succeeded to march the bedtime stories for decades.

Will I have another one? I hope so.


Good Morning Jakarta


This is the city full of people and smokes. My morning used to be heavy, because I have to commute 17Km from where I live, to my old office in the city.

As every city ever was, Jakarta is also very busy. The crowd of workers roaming through the road with motorcycles, busses, train, and other possible vehicles it is. Here’s what it looks like spending a day-to-day morning in Jakarta:

  • Took me 2 hours to go through 17 Km by bus every morning.
  • 1 hour if I use the Online Ojek.
  • Not very used to breakfast—since I never had a chance to.
  • No time to do my makeup since it will be ruined again the first time I step to my office.
  • To sleep early or to sleep late because catching up with my family.


okay this is exactly what you’ll find in Jakarta


this is kinda actually my morning routine

My office hour was 9 to 6. So basically, I always present when the sun on its best movement, sunrise and sunset. As I am tired head over heels and spending approximately 12 days outside, I never stop looking at my surroundings. But apparently, I am the only one who looks.

As my usual morning, I spend my time playing mobile phones games while killing time through the massive traffic—Pokémon Go usually is, and Vain Glory happens to trick my time and data usage to a very fun game time.

People seemed busy some of them were busy scrolling through their phones, plucked their ears with music, and some of them were lost in their thoughts. I found it people around me rarely picking up books anymore—I haven’t found another book to read myself.

Sometimes you’ll find yourself drowning in a pool full of people captivated by their own needs. Rushed, pacing their steps one, two, one, two. No more smiles for strangers not even a peek off. You’ll find yourself in a crowd of angry-sleepy people who need to be present at their office ASAP.

If you happen to join the Jakartans’ morning commute, then look around, the scene might be blocks of buildings and dirty road, but the people are interesting. Smile at how different they look, and how similar their ways of thinking are.

Stop for a while, ate breakfast at the porridge merchant on the side of the road while looking pity to those cranky people, and it’s usually sunny in Jakarta, so you will have your lovely morning almost every 6 months.


with love,



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