Pokémon Go is Bad for You

First of all, This is pure coming from my thoughts and as a very thoughtful person, I am writing this post wihout being paid by any party. Second of all, I never intended to mock, make fun of, or creating bad images to ANY LIVING PERSON ON EARTH.

Okay, so listen up people. Pokémon is now available on your mobile telephone, aren’t you excited? Well maybe if you’re born in the 90’s you will have this pretty memories from playing one on your console. And for those baby boomers who didn’t know, you’ll be so curious about what is the 25 year old said about the fun in it.

My very beloved country has a very thick Islam culture and beliefs. As I’ve heard—before  the internet is born, and Wikipedia is just a normal Encyclopedia book–that Pokémon have many negative part and effect on Islam and Moslems. Here we go:

Pokémon means “I am Jewish” in Syriac Language.

I don’t really have the exact source that saying this is right or wrong. But understanding that the abbreviation of Pokemon is Pocket Monsters, then why is the short of it using e-acute or as we know written as Pokémon not the ordinary Pokemon? As a Language student, I am also curious, so as far as my understanding, the accent on letter e came from Latin language that translated to out of, after, upon, from and so on.

And still why is it written that way? Well, I am not an expert on Japanese etymology, so I’ll quote a Nintendo translator, Ms. Emi from the web StackExchange:

“The mark in question is an acute accent mark and is absolutely intended to mimic the native Japanese pronunciation, which itself is based on the English words “pocket monster”. Because of English orthography, there is considerable ambiguity surrounding the pronunciation of the character “e”. However, in Japanese, the orthography and pronunciation of “e” sounds presents no ambiguity. To accurately transcribe the “e” sound found in the English word “pocket”, only the character ケ, which is pronounced as /kɛ/, can be used. Therefore, to indicate the correct pronunciation in orthographically-complex, ambiguous English, the acute accent was used. The reason for this decision was because although no native English words use the acute accent mark, most English speakers, and many Japanese speakers, are familiar with the way in which an acute accent mark modifies pronunciation, due to the large number of existing French loanwords in both English and Japanese–entrée/アントレ, café/カフェ, and élite/エリート are familiar examples of this pattern.”

Well I’ve googled the word Shit in Yoruban Language, and it translated to Nik, it is funny because I have a friend named Nunik and I called her Nik all the time. Anyway, moving on!

The Augmented Reality on this game is helping “some country” to exploit our day-to-day life and mapping system.

Well, aren’t technology is so helpful? You are kindly using Path’s location tag, or instagram’s to spoil yourself when you are on a fancy place. Well maybe google mapping your way to Grandma’s house is not a problem right?.

Well hey if you are worrying that so much, please kindly just turn off the AR button please. Besides, it’s much easier than having it on—when catching a monster, and sign up using your gaming e-mail—I have a special e-mail for games sign ups—oooorrrr… don’t play at all. It is much more convenient. No worries, I will not judge you.

So far, this is what the hot issues are in my neighborhood. What I meant by writing this post is; please just let them play the game without thinking that it is a conspiracy. The game is pretty fun and bring gamers out from their man-cave—this is the positive side from it. The negative side from this game may be: the players are playing while driving, playing on a commute with friends and family, and using a load of internet data charge. As a very wise person—wise on unnecessary things—I hope all of us would appreciate each other, and give a correct news, from a right source while not pushing your opinion into someone else’s. We need to love and respect each other more, don’t you think?

And please if my point of view is wrong, do tell me nicely why, and how am I supposed to make it right. Comment bellow if you have your own opinion.


With love,






image source: http://www.saferinternet.org.uk/news/pokemon-go-gaming-gone-mobile


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