Writing a SEO-Friendly Article

I have tried and tried so times to have my blog received some ideas from my brain. And having all this time since my last post, I have lost all the reason to write. I always think my head through like; what should I write about, should I write a SEO friendly articles so I have many followers?. Well apparently, the answer is still hidden, and I have to find out. What should I write about? Is this a writer’s block? LOL I’m not even a real writer.

Long after the thoughts, I began googling “how to write a SEO friendly articles for your Blog”, yes, I googled that way. After visiting a lot of tips and trick website—and also subscribing to some newsletters—I learned something, writing a SEO friendly article is really good and healthy for your blog, and there’s a ‘but’ to it, I tried to write something based on what people care about, but, I found myself not being honest writing the whole article, I have tried editing my choice of words, but it ended in the same way; not too honest. Well, apparently the article turned out to be fine as my friend read it, and still I couldn’t let myself being satisfied for that, the fact that I’m not truly honest with myself is bugging me.

Well then, I realized that I have a lot to learn. I am recently begin working as a Copywriter—YEAY—and as a writer, I have to train myself to write a good yet honest SEO article, how? After taking advice from the google’s ‘SEO article Hack’ I found myself agreeing with these tips:


1. Think Before You Write

This may be the first thing you should do first. You want to make a hit post without making enemies; well you are not God aren’t you?. Write about something you mastered well, that means you know the topic very well and write about it on your point of view, and try your best to not offend any party here. Well, for starters I will keep myself far from the Politics and Money topics—I am not an expert, and I am a coward. Anyway, just write about something you love and care so much, that will be nice.



2. Plan a Writing Structure

Like any good book, it has to have a Plot. Well does it hard? Let me try it this way:

  • The beginning of the story—or as we know, Introduction. Write how you relate to topic, the reason why you wanted to write this topic.
  • Tell the point; this is the body part of your writing. Keep yourself on track by relating the introduction to the body of the writing.
  • The End. Whoa, keep yourself making a conclusion for every story you have. Take the essence of the topic, and write it down as your conclusion.


3. Use Signal Words

Somehow the signal words are important. It keeps you and your writing on track by marking the writing with first of all, first, firstly, second, secondly, thirdly, fourthly, now, then, next, finally, to complete, after that, 1, 2, 3, last, lastly, furthermore, to begin with, moreover, in addition, to conclude, afterwards. And don’t forget the consequences; so, therefore, as a result, now, consequently, because of, thus, and etc. Or as the grammar book said; use sequence my friend


4. Optimize the Length of Your Article

As Marieke van de Rakt stated that google likes long articles, the minimum for your article is 300 words. And prevent yourself from writing long article that may bored people away, keep your article to 700 words.



5. Post Regularly

Yes, REGULARLY. Look at me, I’m a bad example for this.



6. Use Keyword Planner

For our needs of writing and being read by people, use the keyword planner to focus on keywords. It helps reader to find what they are looking for on your article.


Well then, I am still not an expert on this. Kudos for Marieke van de Rakt for writing these tips on yoast.com. So this is my list of how I am going to write an excellent article—for work purpose, and I think I am still going to write my head off and whatever I wanted to in this very blog—still going strong with inconsistency. If you have another better advice for me to write a good article, please let me know..



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