First thing first

Welcome, to the mind of a very average woman…

Hello. This is my first time writing a blog. I am a late comer, I know that, and I’m not used to write my feelings into typing. I was actively writing on my journals–so typical not famous girl–and was so shy to express my feelings in the internet. DON’T get me WRONG, I am an hyperactive-cheerful little woman in real life.¬†Well, I am not petite either. My body heights to 165cm, which is normal for an Indonesian woman and a bit tall for the average woman here ( a tiny bit taller).

I was born in 1992, and yes I’m the millennial of my family. But nope, I’m not that techno-hype kid and is a kinda old school for people my age–be alert! I am not a hipster–that’s what a hipster said.

I am trapped in this old music taste, The Beatles–who doesn’t?. Blame my parents, they are the one who introduced me to this band. They would play a full album of the old Beatles’ songs and bought me the karaoke album–and the Michael Learns to Rock Karaoke Album.

-“hey Jude, don’t let me down”-

I bet you know that lyrics huh?, well I guess I’m not that special. I used to think that Jude is a woman–short to Judy– but I am SUPER WRONG. Hey!, English is not my first language here… until I have reached my 17, everything seems to be different. My mom is not the old play mates anymore, my dad is not the super clown anymore, but my brothers stays the same–annoying–and here’s where I hit the realizations that Jude is no Woman.

A bit slow isn’t it?. I know. But I love a long-lifetime plot twist.

Now I have spilled a bit random things of me, and again, welcome to my average mind.


with love,



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